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Eastern Tour is a Tour Operator and Travel Agency serving the tourism industry since 1975.  We are one of the first Tour Operators and Travel agencies in Ethiopia, we operate from Addis Ababa and we know our country as you see the palm of your hand, we can arrange your vacation in Ethiopia like no other. We also offer additional services, including Ticketing, DHL, hotel booking, and Car rental.


Shipment of document and parcel international and domestic service points and at customers destination.

Flight Ticketing

We are IATA certified and sale all international and domestic flights.


Different type of vehicles, Small, SUV, Big buses for self-driving and with chauffeur.

Hotel Booking

Booking from Five star to guest house and family stay and furnished apartments.

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Adventures have never been so close. Choose a tour, discuss all the details with our consultant and pack your luggage to start a journey

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We have we disciplined and professional tour guides with different language proficiencies and a very good companionship.

unique locations

All destination are unique and places you have never been covering adventure, spiritual, cultural and festival

popular landmark

Destinations have different landmarks making the trip very diverse. As diversity is Beauty, it makes every destination unforgettable and the best experience.


There are about eighty different cultures and different languages awaiting you to give you the best of your time.

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